DON’T GET STORROWED / The truck Height Limit on Storrow Drive in Boston

Wondering, what is the height limit on Storrow drive? Learn how to avoid getting Storrowed on moving day!

moving truck height limit on storrow drive in Boston is 11 feet, 10 feet 6 inches, and 10 feet

The truck height limit on Storrow drive in Boston is 10ft. So whether it’s a college student moving on September 1st or young professional moving to the North End or the Seaport, you want to be mindful of this when thinking about your big moving day.

Getting Storrowed is never fun. Urban Dictionary defines Storrowed as

putting a 12’6” truck under a 10’6” bridge. Common in Boston MA. Storrowing Season is usually during late August and Early Sept when College kids that cannot read attempt to navigate their way through the Corn maze roadways of Bahstahn. ( Boston) The rest of the year ” Storrowing” occurs by Canadian Commercial Drivers.Je me souviens. DOH!!!

Yeah, if you get Storrowed, there is a good chance you might get some attention, maybe even make the local news for blocking traffic after state troopers arrive to help you with backing up. Yea, especially if it’s during rush hour, you’ll be feeling that good old fashion Bostonion love we’re known for having on the roads. SMILE.

Having a Ford cargo van allows me to easily navigate Boston, including Storrow drive, while also giving me the ability to park without too much of a fight. I’ll write another post on my decision to purchase a cargo van over a box truck, but this is one major reason. Yes, box trucks would allow me to take on larger loads, but that isn’t necessarily my biggest concern. Whether I’m on the job or after a long day’s work and I’m heading home, having the option to use Storrow drive to help speed up the commute time for myself and my customers is the goal. 

The Height Limit on Storrow Drive is 10 Feet

So knowing that Storrow drive has a height limit of 10 feet should help you avoid a major accident, save you time, and potentially lots of money. And if you want help with your small move, feel free to check out AdamHelper’s services to see how we may be able to assist you.

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