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Moving company or Professional Mover? What’s the difference?


For most people, moving opens up a new chapter in their lives. It’s something that we all look forward to – even though angst over what awaits threatens to take over. Oftentimes, the process of moving per se is what overwhelms. For instance, if you plan to move into a new home, you must find a realtor or an agency to present you with options. The next logical step is furniture selection. Are you buying new furniture? Will you move with old furniture? How are you going to transport items into your new home? Will you do it yourself, hire a moving company, or use a professional mover? Hopefully, by the end of this blog post, you can make a more informed decision on how to move into your new space.

A moving company is an organization outfitted with a large skilled and experienced staff in helping people and other businesses move all sorts of items – large and small – from one point to another. On the other hand, a professional mover does the same thing except on a much smaller scale. Depending on the situation, either one of these may be the ideal option. Both are experienced and (should be) insured; however, hiring a professional mover costs much less and is more flexible since it is usually a one-on-one arrangement.

Moving Company or Professional Mover AdamHelper Boston Massachusetts Moving Services Gentle Giants Movers Small Hauls two guys and a truck newton medford somerville new york to boston antons movers

The choice over whether to use a professional mover or moving company largely depends on these key factors:

  • Complexity of the move
  • Budget
  • Your personal attributes

So, let’s briefly go over what each one entails.

Complexity of The Move

If you are moving many heavy and delicate items over a long distance, it is best to use a moving company. This relieves some of the liability off your shoulders in terms of transportation, protection of items, as well as insurance. Additionally, the large crew with a moving company will help handle the heavy lifting for the items much faster and safer. A traditional moving company makes the most sense for a 2 bedroom house or larger. Anything smaller, and you can start to consider professional movers. But again, it depends on what exactly needs to be moved.


If you have a tight budget, perhaps you should opt for a professional mover. Moving companies have, in the past, developed an unpleasant reputation for including hidden fees. Additionally, an organization with many employees tends to incur high overhead costs, which are usually transferred to the client. And don’t forget most moving companies have a 2 or 3-hour minimum rate. With a professional mover, you may be able to arrange costs. They will also likely be less expensive while still providing quality services when you only need another pair or set of hands.

Your Personal Attributes

Some people are hardcore DIY enthusiasts, which is great! And if you are fit, strong, and flexible, moving will be a breeze. For some items, though, being strong may not be enough. One or two professional movers may come in handy here. 

Although you may be fit and capable of carrying out the moving yourself with a friend or relative’s help, sometimes, it still makes more sense to hire a professional mover who is experienced, insured, and can better maneuver large or fragile items in tighter spaces and different conditions.

So hopefully this helped you with deciding between a moving company or professional mover.

Some of Massachusett’s best moving companies include Gentle Giants Moving company and DeathWish Piano Movers. But if you need a professional mover to help with moving to or from the Boston area, AdamHelper is your guy.

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