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5 Packing Items to Help with Apartment and Office Furniture Moves

Packing Items to Help with your Small Move

It’s almost the big moving day so you’ll want to make sure that you are prepared for a nice and smooth moving process. To me, being prepared means getting a head start on packing your belongings. Whether it’s a small business office move or your moving into a new apartment or condo, you’ll want to make sure everything is safely packed, labeled, and ready to be loaded into the cargo van or moving truck when it’s time for the actual move.

If you’re not interested or just too busy to even think about actually packing your things, be sure to find a professional mover like AdamHelper who doesn’t mind helping to organize and pack your belongings. But if you’re up for the task, you could start packing your things a few days or weeks before your moving day. If you have seasonal clothes or items meant for special occasions that won’t be needed you can begin to immediately pack them. But quickly after filling up your two or three suitcases and duffle bags, you’ve come to realize you have more things than you initially thought. So what now?

Well, I thought this small list of packing items might be helpful for anyone planning to move. You can usually find these items at the local storage facility, some hardware shops, or online. So if you want to be organized and help with saving time while moving into a new apartment or office, check out this list of items you should get for safely packing your belongings.

Packing items for your apartment and small business office furniture move

5 Packing Items for Small Businesses and Apartment Moves

1- Moving Boxes

2- Tape

3- Stretch Plastic Wrap

4- Packing Paper

5- Bubble Wrap

1- Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes might be the most important item for packing and moving since you obviously need something to pack your personal belongings into. Now, of course, there are various sizes to choose from. DO NOT get the biggest box and throw all of your college books into it! LOL, it amazes me how many times this has happened.

Yes, your mover is most likely strong and a professional but you should also consider their well-being. Furthermore, they aren’t responsible for your boxes breaking because of the excessive amount of weight you put into one box. Instead, you can generally get a few of the regular boxes to get the job done. That said, sometimes the larger boxes make sense on larger moves for lighter items.

Buy moving boxes here.

2- Tape

Tape is often overlooked and under-appreciated. Similar to having a good quality box that will withstand the weight of your most precious belongings, you also want some strong tape that actually sticks to the box.

Buy moving tape here.

3- Stretch Plastic Wrap

Stretch plastic wrap can be used as a protective layer on any fragile items. Whether it’s a mirror, dishes or glass cups, a lamp, or furniture, you can’t go wrong with an extra layer to help protect your things. It can also be useful to help wrap and tie some of your things together such as nuts and bolts, or sky poles down to pencils, and much more.

Buy stretch plastic wrap here.

4- Packing Paper

Packing paper is great especially if you decided not to get some stretch plastic wrap and still have a bunch of fragile items to pack. Generally, packing paper is best for anyone who has a lot of dishes and glasses that are being packed in your moving boxes. 

Buy packing paper here.

5- Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is similar if not better than stretch plastic wrap in the sense that it’s thicker and helps protect your personal belongings. Things like your flat screen tv or lamp could definitely benefit from a layer of bubble wrap.

Buy bubble wrap here.

Bonus – Packing Labels or Thick Markers

Packing labels and/or a thick bright marker would be last on this list to help with larger moves that require more organizational help. If you’re moving into a new studio or small apartment with little to no boxes, you don’t really need to label boxes since they’ll likely be going to the same place. But if you have a bunch of boxes that are going into multiple rooms or to different locations such as your storage unit, parents basement, and your condo, then pull out the label and markers.

Learn how to use packing labels here.

So there you have it. 5 packing items that will help with your packing needs for small moving jobs. Hopefully, you found this helpful. If so, you should subscribe to the AdamHelper newsletter to stay up to date on other helpful tips.

And of course, comment down below with your thoughts on any of these items as well as other packing material not mentioned here.

Alright, time to keep it moving.

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