Boston Massachusetts to New York Delivery Job AdamHelper Moving Company

1st Cambridge to Brooklyn Moving Job of the Season

A little glimpse into a small Boston-to-New York delivery job I completed in March. To be more specific, this was a small moving job for an artist and her small business art studio from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York. They work with architects and designers to create commercial and institutional architectural art, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Boston to New York Moving Company AdamHelper Mover/ Cambridge to Brooklyn

Moving tip: It was a Sunday delivery job, which I usually do for Boston to New York moving jobs to help reduce costs since Sundays tend to have less traffic than most weekdays (based on my personal experiences). That said, we aren’t limited to Sundays for any out-of-state moving jobs or deliveries. But if you want to save money, assuming you are working with a moving company that charges by the hour, I recommend having your items delivered on Sundays or if they are willing to travel at night or first thing in the morning before commute traffic picks up. This is exactly what I did for this Cambridge to Brooklyn delivery.

1st Cambridge to Brooklyn Moving Job of the Season

This cargo van delivery job worked out pretty well. My client stayed in Cambridge, and they had an assistant-like or family friend give me access to the building and studio. I got lucky and found a spot fairly close to the entrance of the building. After a few trips between the cargo van and the studio, my awesome client offered me the chance to rest and take a nap at the studio since there was a couch and nobody was there, which was so nice. While I was clearly appreciative, instead, I went to a small Mexican restaurant across the street and grabbed a drink with three tacos to give me some energy for my drive back to Massachusetts.

Boston Massachusetts to New York Delivery Job AdamHelper Moving Company/ Cambridge to Brooklyn

Usually, most Boston-to-New York moving jobs end here with my drive home to Massachusetts. But in this case, I was also hired to deliver a couch and two chairs back to Cambridge. So this was a Cambridge to Brooklyn to Cambridge moving job! I had the choice to deliver the items at night when I got back, or I could do it first thing in the morning since I was given the code to gain entry to where the items were going. I chose to get it down that night to punch it out as quickly as possible.

It was a nice, smooth job, just the way I like it. The best part is that I’ve already done my second job for this client, so they were also satisfied.

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