AdamHelper's Services

Punctual and consistently took the initiative to do various task.  It’s as if there were two of me and he constantly knew what needed to be done without being told.

Matias S. of Lexington

Lifting and Shifting Help

AdamHelper can help with lifting heavy furniture that you are rearranging in your house or support you with packing and moving all of your belongings into a new home or apartment.

Moving and Packing Help

Moving into a new apartment, condo, or modorate size house? Have a bunch of boxes, stairs, and furniture to move? AdamHelper can help!

Video Production

AdamHelper can take care of all your digital media productions needs. Documenting special family moments, documentaries, business videos, and more.

Landscaping and Yard Work

Raking leaves, weeding, lawn mowing, planting flowers, and much more. AdamHelper can help with everything from your spring cleanup to autumn foliage, as well as your winter snow removal needs.

Marketing and Branding

Whether you are just getting started or your going 10 years strong, AdamHelper can take care of your branding and internet marketing needs.

Administrative and Business Tasks

Spend your time on the most important aspects of your small business and leave the tedious work to us. AdamHelper can help with data entry, cold calling, posting promotional content and more.


AdamHelper can help with most delivery needs. Whether you need to deliver an order to a client, paperwork, or small furniture pieces, AdamHelper can take care of your delivery needs.

Snow Shoveling and Removal

AdamHelper can take care of your walkway and driveway snow shoveling needs. Want salt or ice melt, no problem.

Website Development

From video and audio production work to websites, brand development, and much more. AdamHelper can support you on all of your digital media productions needs.


AdamHelper can help with family holiday photos, graduation photos, documenting and covering a business or family event, and much more.

Music and Audio Production

Do you need a catchy jingle, audio recordings for a webcast or promotional content, or some other music and audio production help? AdamHelper can help with your audio needs.

Organizing and Packing

AdamHelper can take care of properly packing or organizing anything from paperwork and files, to your heavy belongings in your basement or a U-haul.

Sales and Marketing Consulting

Do you need help growing your business? Maybe you need help getting leads or closing sales, AdamHelper can help you meet and exceed your business goals.

Sports Coaching/ Training

With multiple high school records still under Adam's belt, why not help your student-athlete get a step on their competition? From football and rugby, to basketball, or track and field, AdamHelper can help.

The real deal

Proven Track Record of Success!

Adam was better than the 5***** reviews! My mom lives in elderly housing and he unpacked a heavy cabinet for her + moved it to where she wanted it and took all of the debris's to the dumpster! Mom loved him!
Catherine M.
Adam was very professional and very hard working! He showed up on time, was polite and friendly, and was very proactive about finding things to do and getting the job done quick! I would gladly hire him again. Thanks!
Christian S.