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5 Reliable Moving Truck Rental Options Near Boston

In this post and video, we’ll view a list of 5 cargo van moving truck rental options for individuals, families, and businesses in Massachusetts.

Before buying my own cargo van for smaller moves, I did some basic research, looking up cargo van and truck rental rates here in Boston, Massachusetts, and the surrounding area. And instead of just letting it go to waste, why not help those of you looking for a cargo van or moving truck to help with your medium to small Boston moving needs. As I mentioned, I now have my own cargo van and truck that I use for office, studio/ apartment moves, and furniture deliveries, but occasionally I still use one of these rental services depending on my particular needs, so it’s good to have this list on hand.

If you are making a small move and don’t want to pay for a professional mover like myself or a moving company like Gentle Giant and instead only need a cargo van or truck, then check out this list of 5 moving truck rental businesses near me in Medford, here in Boston, and throughout Massachusetts.

And the last thing to keep in mind is that the cargo van or truck isn’t the only thing you need. You also need to have strength, stamina, and knowledge on how to properly pack a van or move a couch up a few flights of stairs and around tight corners. If you do, renting a cargo van from one of these companies may be for you.

Best Appliance Truck

USCC Appliance Truck

Possibly the best heavy-duty appliance truck on the market under $1,000!

5 Moving Truck Rental Options for the Greater Boston and Massachusetts

SAME DAY BOOKING BallPark Rates Since Some Locations May Be Different Than Others

Home Depot Truck Rental

*Only Same Day Reservations

**2hr Hold Limit if they are available

Cargo van – $19 first 75 minutes then $20/per hr

Truck – $19 first 75 minutes then $20 or $25/hr

10 Truck – $29 first 75 minutes then $30/hr



UHAUL Truck Rental

8 Foot Truck – $19.95 plus $0.89/mile

9 Foot Cargovan – $19.95 plus $0.89/mile

10 Foot Box Truck – $19.95 plus $1.39/mile

15 Foot Truck – $29.95 plus $1.39/mile

17 Foot Truck – $29.95 plus $1.39/mile

20 Foot Truck – $39.95 plus $1.39/mile



ZIPVAN Truck Rental

*Requires $35 annual membership fee

**The rate fluctuates a bit. From what I’ve seen, the further out in advance that you book the lower the rate

Cargo van rate $16.31 – $28/hr



Budget Truck Rental

Cargo Van – $19.99/day plus $0.79/mile

12 Foot Moving Truck – $19.99/day plus $0.79/mile

16 Foot Moving Truck – $29.99/day plus $0.79/mile

26 Foot Moving Truck – $59.99/day plus $0.79/mile



Penske Truck Rental

*Rates aren’t posted online, and they make you email them or speak with a rep. Rates fluctuate a bit – the further out in advance the cheaper.

**Rates also drastically less expensive for trucks without liftgate that only has a ramp.

Cargo Van – $15/hr plus $0.79/mile

12 Foot Moving Truck – $8/hr plus $0.69/mile

16 Foot Moving Truck – $29.99/day plus $0.79/mile

26 Foot Moving Truck – $39.99/hr plus $0/79/mile


Cargo Van Rental Infographic – Click to Enlarge



Obviously, there are other options out there, like Ryder or Enterprise, but I figured this would be a good starting point for now. And along with the moving truck rental rates above, you should also remember that some require a deposit, Zipvan has a membership fee, gas may or may not be included, and the list goes on. You’ll have to determine the best option for you based on your specific moving needs. 


So, hopefully, you found this helpful. If so, feel free to share it with others and subscribe to the AdamHelper Newsletter here on AdamHelper.com. You can follow along the journey on social media – FaceBook and Instagram.

**Here at AdamHelper, as mentioned above, I own a Ford E250 cargovan and a Nissan Frontier long-bed pickup truck. That said, it’s not uncommon for us to rely on one of these Boston truck rental companies for larger or long-distance moving jobs.

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