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7 Basic Moving Equipment Items to Help with Small Business or Apartment Moves

Moving Equipment for Small Moving Jobs

Are you planning to move over the next few weeks or months? You could be moving your office in the same building or maybe your moving into a new apartment or condo across Boston. You could have called Gentle Giant Moving Company or Premium Q moving and storage to get a quote but realize it’s definitely not worth it for such a small move. Maybe if you were moving a 3 bedroom home along with a basement full of storage items and outdoor patio items, one of those moving companies would be necessary but not for you. 

So for this reason, you might want to hire a professional local mover like AdamHelper with your small haul. The next day or even same day moving help isn’t always easy to find, but it’s not uncommon for AdamHelper to help with last-minute moving gigs. However, because of conflicting schedules, it doesn’t work out and you decide to do it yourself. After all, you could rent a cargo van or box truck and get one of your buddies or cousin Vinny to help. 

If you’re with a small business that is moving you may have some chairs, desks, computer monitors, printer and dozen or two boxes. If it’s a condo or apartment move you most likely have a few chairs, a bed, desk, maybe a couch and a few other small things. So now that you have a cargo van, a friend to help out, and you finished packing the night before, today is the big moving day and you are ready to go.

However, shortly after starting to haul things down to the cargo van you realize moving isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. Well, having successfully completed hundreds of moving gigs I think this short list of 7 items to get for your moving needs might be helpful for some of you. This is assuming you’ve done the packing and primarily pertaining to moving and lifting items. So this list should be helpful for any small businesses, or individuals living in a condo, studio or apartment, as well as any general laborers and individuals interested in getting into the moving business.

Moving Equipment for your Boston Massachusetts office furniture and apartment and condo moves

7 Moving Equipment Items to Help with Your Small Move

Work Smarter Not Harder

1- Hand Truck

2- Moving Dollies

3- Gloves

4- Stretch Plastic Wrap

5- Bunjy Cords or Elastics

6- Ropes or Ratchet Straps

7- Moving Pads

1- Hand Truck

Hand trucks can be so critical for moving jobs. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to carry a bunch of boxes down a long hall. A hand truck can help speed up the moving process while also allowing you to be more gentle on your back. Continuously bending over and picking up heavy items can put a toll on your body so hand trucks can be a huge back-saver!

Buy a hand truck here.

2- Dollies

Moving dollies are a pretty much must-have for anyone thinking about getting into the moving business or doing a moving job with large items. Not to say it’s always necessary but again, it can help speed up the moving gig while also preventing you from straining your back from trying to carry a dresser, couch or other heavy items. Dollies generally hold more weight than hand trucks but they can’t be used for going down your stairs as a hand truck can.

Buy a moving dolly here.

3- Gloves

Gloves are helpful for obvious reasons – they protect your hands! Sometimes moving can be tough on your hands with heavy or slippery items. It can also get a little dirty or dusty in discrete places like behind the couch or bed. Well, keeping your hands covered with gloves will help keep them clean and depending on the pair of gloves will give you more traction to better grip certain items. So definitely get some good gloves especially since they are so cheap.

Buy moving gloves here.

4- Stretch Plastic Wrap

Stretch Plastic Wrap is often overlooked when it comes to moving items but it should definitely be considered. Like every other item on this list, depending on what you are moving you may or may not need it. Stretch plastic wrap will help protect fragile and valuable items from getting scratched up during the move. Glass, televisions, sofas and other furniture can all be wrapped with stretch plastic wrap to help protect it.

Buy stretch plastic wrap here.

5- Bunjy Cords or Elastics

Bunjy cords and stretch moving elastics can also be helpful for your moving needs. Having bed frame poles or skiing equipment and other long thin items can be wrapped together with an elastic or bunjy cord. This will help with carrying and also positioning the items together inside of the cargo van or moving truck instead of them loosely falling all over the place. They can also be helpful with holding doors open. It can be frustrating having to open a door when both of your hands are full of heavy items.

Buy bunjy cords here and elastics here.

6- Ropes or Ratchet Straps

Ropes and ratchet straps are helpful for tieing items together such as a sofa bed or cabinet with doors that easily fly open. Ratchet straps are specifically important for me when I’m doing studio or apartment moves since I usually put the bed mattress on top of my cargo van. I use the ratchet straps and/or ropes to help tie it down in place. 

Buy ratchet straps here.

7- Moving Pads

Last but not least are moving pads! Wrap up your mirror, television or that antique dresser that has been passed down from your grandmother. Not only should moving pads protect them from scratches but also from getting banged up and broken because of the extra cushioning. And if you happen to, unfortunately, be moving on a rainy day than moving pads can help keep your furniture dry.

Buy moving pads here.

Well, there you have it. 7 moving equipment items that will help with your small moving needs. I’ll have a longer list with additional pieces of moving equipment but this should help get you moving for most of your small hauls. So hopefully, you found this helpful. If so, please like this post and don’t forget to subscribe to the AdamHelper newsletter for next month’s post.

And of course, comment down below with your thoughts on any of these moving equipment items as well as others not mentioned here. Whether you had a great moving experience or maybe you had a horrible experience if you think other people will find it helpful then please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions on moving equipment to help with small moves. 

Alright, time to keep it moving.

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