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Samsung Tab S7 Unboxing Video

One business investment that I love and recommend to others who spend a fair amount of time out in the field or on the road is the Samsung Tab S7. And even if you aren’t, this might still be something you want to consider buying. Although there is a newer Samsung Tab S8, they’re essentially the same thing, but the S7 is cheaper.

And whether you are using this at work or at home in bed for watching movies and chatting on social media, consider buying the screen protector, a rugged armor protective case, and possibly the keyboard. The case and screen protector are necessary, while the keyboard will be more specific to your intentions. I still have mine but don’t use it since I primarily use my tablet while standing, and the keyboard isn’t ideal for those circumstances.

Check out my latest unboxing video to get a look at this beauty.

Samsung Tab S7 Unboxing

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