Boston Movers Rates and General Labor Rates from AdamHelper

Below are our regular rates, with same-day and summer rates listed below.

$100/hr for the first helper.

$80/hr for the second helper.

$75/hr for the third helper.

We always have a travel fee that varies depending on location, but it starts at $50. This fee helps to cover our travel time, miles, and gas getting to and from you.

We bring our tools and equipment for no additional fees.

Regarding packing materials, if you do not purchase them yourself, we generally purchase items for each job and would expense you for them.

Small Moves and Deliveries

If a cargo van or pick-up truck is needed, they are $50/hr with the first 50 miles free, including gas and tolls. After the first 50 miles, you would pay $0.50/per mile.

If it is a larger move, we would then rent a Uhaul or Budget moving truck and expense you for the fees, including gas and tolls.

Out-of-State Moves from Boston

We can also assist with moves out-of-state such as Boston to New York, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, and beyond. You would be responsible for travel time back to Boston and hotel or flight fees for cross-country moves.

Last Minute Help within 24 Hours

If your Boston Moving Company cancels on you or there is a last-minute emergency where you need general labor help moving or assembling furniture, for example, we can try to squeeze you into our schedule if we are available.

Same-day rates

Winter and Fall:
$100/hr for the first helper

$150/hr for the first helper


$200/hr for the first helper

Other fees are listed above.

Summer Rates (August & September)

At the beginning of August, we start to increase our rates since the need for our services drastically increases during this period. And we begin to lower our rates halfway through September as the moving season demand begins to slow down. If you want to save money, plan accordingly!

$200/hr for the first helper

Other rates remain the same as listed above.

Do you need help? We’d love to help if possible. Text 617-982-2744 or contact us online.