Some of the latest Stimulus Check and Stimulus Package news that I talk about includes:

A quick recap of yesterday’s video about a..

  • new proposal to repeal the $1.7 million tax break for 43,000 millionaires
  • some small business owners who have gotten approved are now competing against unemployment
  • SSI and Veterans latest Stimulus news
  • Paper checks with Trumps name and his letter have arrived


In terms of today’s news, Get My Payment website/portal has been updated and should be working correctly. It should now work correctly when you log in to check the status of your check or to submit your information. A quick look at the latest timeline of the paper checks that are going to be mailed to you. Some feedback about the slow processing speeds of the PPP application website. More disappointing news about the EIDL and how they are not accepting new applications despite last week’s update saying they would start up again on Monday. Cannabis businesses seek Covid-19 relief like other businesses.

If you are self-employed you may qualify for the PPP or the EIDL loan. So yes, if you work with Uber, Instacart, Doordash, Fiverr, Taskrabbit, and other similar platforms than you can most likely apply when they are accepting applications. At this moment, they are accepting new applications to the PPP and should be for the EIDL but they are currently focused on those who have already submitted their application before the new round of funding. Once they make more progress on the current EIDL applications they will begin to accept new ones.

Watch the full video here

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